BenQ X-Sign Content Management Software gewinnt den iF DESIGN AWARD

BenQ X-Sign Content Management Software gewinnt den iF DESIGN AWARD

BenQ+X-Sign+Software, ex. BenQ X-Sign iF Design Award

Taipei, Taiwan, Jan 26, 2010 – Following the debut of its e-reader last November, BenQ announces today another major foray into the emerging e-book market by joining hands with eBook Japan in launching eBook Taiwan, which will enable readers to tap the platform’s abundant bonanza of digital contents via BenQ nReader.

In tandem with the inauguration of eBook Taiwan, BenQ nReader will hit the market on Jan. 27, when consumers can purchase the device, at the suggested price tag of NT$8,990, at both virtual and physical outlets.

The simultaneous launch of the software and hardware by BenQ will open a new horizon for Taiwan’s e-book market. Jerry Wang, vice chairman of BenQ, notes that despite the electronic form, the real objective of the e-book platform is still the satisfaction of consumers’ reading need. The combination and eBook Taiwan and BenQ nReader can offer consumers a reading experience approaching that of print publication and enable them to spend quality time reading by eliminating the hassle of physical book purchasing process.    

Chan Hung-Chih, chairman of PChome Online and a renowned local writer, pointed out that the birth of e-book industry is as milestone in the development of Taiwan’s society. In an expression of his support for the industry, he offered to donate the digital royalty for one of his work “In Search of Lost Time” to eBook Taiwan for free downloading by consumers during the designated time period.  He also rallied 13 other writers to jointly support the development of Chinese-language digital reading by allowing members of eBook Taiwan to download the contents of one of their works, free of charge, in the first three months after the launch of its operation until the 30th of April.

Starting from today through the end of April, nReader buyers can visit www.ebooktaiwan.comand register to become a member, thereby becoming eligible to download those works, free of charge. Meanwhile, BenQ will donate nReader, along with the contents of those works, to people living in remote areas, which lack reading resources, and will cooperate with local distant-learning units in improving the reading environment in those areas.

eBook Taiwan Will Benefit Publishing Firm, e-Reader Maker, and Readers
 eBook Taiwan is an open-end platform, whose webpage features safe, stable, smooth, and simplistic design. It serves as a neutral outlet for Taiwan’s digital-contents providers, boasting reasonable sharing of profits and a DRM (digital rights management) mechanism capable of offering publishers full protection of their rights. Thanks to the support of cutting-edge technologies, such as high-clarity, high-compression post-production tool, chapter-based sales management, and the capability to support multiple formats, including ePub, EFI, PDF, and TXT, e-books can be easily put on the shelf of the platform, greatly enhancing the timeliness and enriching the contents of the platform, which will augment consumers’ willingness to access its service.

eBook Taiwan offers services boasting the following features:

Diversity of contents brought about by cross-border joint venture
 In addition to the provision of popular books and magazines in traditional Chinese characters, simplified Chinese characters, and Japanese, eBook Taiwan also boasts simultaneous publication and delivery of magazines with the print version. Abundant books and magazines, in diverse fields, are now available on the platform and readers can even access parts of the contents of the books and summaries of feature reports of magazines before placing buying orders.

Buying books at one touch
eBook Taiwan greatly facilitates the procedure for book-buying, enabling consumers to access the contents of its books via wireless connection triggered by one touch on nReader, without the need of downloading via PC. Its cross-border book-buying service makes very easy for overseas Chinese to buy Taiwanese publications quickly.

Book collection at one touch
 The cloud-end bookshelf management of eBook Taiwan enables readers to clearly browse books and manage and display their stored contents on their personal e-book shelves, similar to print publications.  

Book reading at one touch
 eBook Taiwan supports multiple formats of digital contents, enabling downloading by e-readers of different brands, which facilitates e-reading by consumers. Cross-border shopping service for digital contents (such as buying Japanese-language books with New Taiwan dollar) makes it very convenient for readers to purchase digital contents. eBook Taiwan now allows access via e-readers but will open to PC, notebook PC, and mobile phones in the future, thereby achieving the goal of supporting three-screens eventually.

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